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Of course syllabuses change so check with your teacher. Think back to your time in India and tell the story in the same way you would in a face-to-face conversation, telling someone who wasn't there what it was like.

Was there something interesting at every turn? How big were the buildings? How busy was India tourists, traffic? Did you buy anything? I got a Grade B if that helps give you confidence in what I am saying. Just a few ideas. Jot down some ideas, highlight the best bits then just think back and describe your adventure. For example you could say 'it was early in the morning, and the train was heading for India, a new experience for me and my family, the early morning sun was just rising' You were there so you know more than me, if it was raining change the above for example 'the rain pelted the windows hard, as I looked to see if we were nearly there, I was pleasantly surprised as the rain eased off and I could see India, the beautiful, historic country in all its glory - my adventure could now begin' Private message me if you need any further assistance.

Follow 6 Original post by mcdonaldsforlife Thank you very much! I appreciate your time x. Follow 7 Wow, I never did anything of the sort. That's the sort of thing that would come up in my Eng Lang exam soon! What exam board are you on? Follow 8 It sounds like you know what you should write about - your experience in India, which sounds great to me.

If you need to incorporate an obstacle you can always "embellish" a bit - I wrote a story for my info and ideas exam for English and the basic idea was real about a wedding or something I think but a lot of the events that happened were made up to make the story more interesting.

If it really happened it's easy to think about how you felt about it, but as long as those key ideas are there embellishing won't hurt. Follow 9 Follow 10 Original post by mcdonaldsforlife if you dont mind me asking, what did you write about? Follow 11 Follow 12 Original post by ChocolateMelody It sounds like you know what you should write about - your experience in India, which sounds great to me.

Follow 13 You could make something up easily with those if you wanted to - rafting through a river particularly, anything would be believable. Follow 14 Follow 15 What mark do I need to get in This forum is supported by: Can't stop stealing other girls' boyfriends. GF never initiates sex. Advice on everyday issues Replies: University of Leeds Replies: News and current affairs Replies: Investment banking and consultancy Replies: Count to a million Part 31 Started by: University of York Replies: Puddles the Monkey Forum: Million To Zero thread Started by: With college experience, Coursework Writers are able to handle everything that gets thrown at them.

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Hey everyone, I've just started Y10 and we're already starting our gcse english coursework writing. For my first coursework piece, I need to write about.

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