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Sharing with a Roommate

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❶We compare each outcome in systems with and without collaborative consumption.

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In this essay, the benefits and disadvantages of living with a roommate will be discussed, as well as the qualities needed in a good roommate. If you have never shared with someone, you may have some difficulties adjusting. Will he person be clean and tidy? Will she eat the same food or enjoy the same music? And of course, there is the issue of telephone bills and shared expenses.

For some people, the lack of privacy is the biggest challenge, while others may find their roommates over-sensitive or distant. It is essential to try to understand each other and make living together more pleasant and even fun.

Yes, fun, because there are many positive aspects to sharing. New students are often far away from their families and friends, and may experience loneliness and homesickness.

Both may also be facing new challenges in their studies. Sharing offers companionship to people who might otherwise have to face these problems alone. Furthermore, since college is not just about academic learning, sharing is an opportunity to develop communication skills so that a good atmosphere is established. Both students can learn from each other about new interests and explore new activities.

However, it is important to realize that your roommate does not have to be your best friend. Neither you nor your roommate will be right all the time. In conclusion, I think that there are more benefits than disadvantages in having a roommate, but it depends on both dealing with concerns honestly and sensitively in order to make student life as happy as possible. Who are the better parents? Money as a Motivator Ideas: Education is Good Ideas: Education is Bad Ideas: Title Essays on Sharing Economy.

Type Thesis or Dissertation. Abstract This thesis studies the product sharing manifestation of the sharing and on-demand economy. It consists of two essays, one on peer-to-peer P2P product sharing and the other on business-to-consumer B2C product sharing. The first essay describes an equilibrium model of P2P sharing or collaborative consumption, where individuals with varying usage levels make decisions about whether or not to own a product.

Owners are able to generate income from renting their products to non-owners while non-owners are able to access these products through renting on as needed basis. We characterize equilibrium outcomes, including ownership and usage levels, consumer surplus, and social welfare. We compare each outcome in systems with and without collaborative consumption. Our findings indicate that collaborative consumption can result in either lower or higher ownership and usage levels, with higher ownership and usage levels more likely when the cost of ownership is high.

Our findings also indicate that consumers always benefit from collaborative consumption, with individuals who, in the absence of collaborative consumption, are indifferent between owning and not owning benefitting the most. We study both profit maximizing and social welfare maximizing platforms and compare equilibrium outcomes under both in terms of ownership, usage, and social welfare. We find that a not-for-profit platform would always charge a lower price and, therefore, lead to lower ownership and usage than a for-profit platform.

We also examine the robustness of our results by considering several extensions to our model. The second essay characterizes the optimal inventory repositioning policy for a class of B2C product sharing networks. We consider a B2C product sharing network with a fixed number of rental units distributed across multiple locations. The units are accessed by customers without prior reservation and on an on-demand basis.

Customers are provided with the flexibility to decide on how long to keep a unit and where to return it.

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Sharing happens in different levels. To start off, it is important to understand how sharing automatically presents itself within the familial setting. In a family, sharing happens naturally because the familial bond implicates a deep sense of connection. In the family, sharing is more about emotions and values rather than material things.

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The positive things about sharing is that you not only make yourself feel better but you also make the other person you share with happy. If there was no one sharing in this world then we would not be where we are at today because all nations rely on support (sharing) from other nations.

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| Email this story Email this Essay | Pdf Version Generate PDF | Add to reading list Share | Bookmark and Share | Like this Essay? Send the author (meganster Words; 4 Pages; How To Handle . Sharing is a divine virtue, a “Sharing is caring essay” is given for all levels for their inspiration and love. The greatest art of living happily and peacefully is caring others and share ones belonging with others without any hesitation and worry.