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Oxford Brookes, UK designed for the healthcare context, this structured approach to developing a researchable question can be useful for any field. This presentation Leicester University, UK shows you what is involved in writing a dissertation from start to finish. Well worth watching through 22 minutes.

Research and reading will be your main focus when you get going on your literature review. Follow up some of the suggestions here. RMIT, Aus This page gives clear advice about these two sections, shows how and when to display results in tables and charts, and gives examples of language to use. Take a look at the other sections along the tab of this excellent resource.

Our websites use cookies session, persistent, third party, advertising and performance so they function correctly, to help us improve them and for targeted advertising. To find out more and learn how to disable these cookies, please see our cookies policy. The SSL does not keep a copy of every thesis and dissertation produced by social science students. They are generally deposited in hard copy to the Bodleian Library, but authors are not required to deposit a copy in ORA.

In some subjects, only dissertations which received particularly high marks are held. Some departmental websites list titles of theses submitted for their courses. If your department does not currently do this, it is worth asking the administrator if it is possible to list these online.

Dissertations and theses are arranged by social science department e. Criminology , the course name e. Criminology and Criminal Justice , qualification level e. Some dissertations and theses are held for the following courses: Criminology and Criminal Justice M. Setting it to 0 will leave a generous top margin that you might find looks appropriate even without a quote. But do play with it! Hello John, thanks for the template. How do I add my bibtex database i. It also tends to involve pretty individual help depending on your setup.

This template should work with whatever your preferred LaTeX referencing setup is, so I suggest getting in-person help from someone at your uni who has done it before. I was wondering how I could decrease the upper margin of the title page so that there is more space for additional subtitles below.

Thank you for the amazing template! Apologies for the late reply! Assuming you are writing a DPhil thesis, add a line to ociamthesis. I was wondering is there a way for the examples not to start from 1 with the beginning of every chapter? This seems to be happening because of the chapters being in their separate.

There seems to be something weird happening with some of the formatting when I have a figure, a table or a big example. The text gets spread out. That will help me answer this question. Yes, raggedbottom will fix this, at the expense of not having the bottoms of your pages line up neatly.

Can you please help me to figure out to add a Glossary and a List of Publications in the preamble before ending the Roman pages? The template uses the Computer Modern font , which is the default in LaTeX and is widely used in technical publishing partially for this reason. Thank you for the great template.

I guess the font size that is used is How can I change it? I am a bit confused as google returned to me another file with the same name first. Why is the same material distributed at different places, with different versions and a clear copyright and license note? As there is no copyright and license, people in most jurisdictions are not allowed to make any changes to ociamthesis.

You are of course absolutely right; without a clear license it is very difficult to confidently make and distribute changes. With that permission, Diego Vitali has adapted the same to suit the Roehampton University standard, which he published under a GNU license.

Will also take this opportunity to upload to Github so that people can suggest updates and pull requests more easily. Thank you very much for opening up this template for others but I seem to have an error from it when trying to compile the bibtex as it is from the download, that says. I am running it from texmaker. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this template with the wider community. Hi John, thank you so much for this brilliant template which is making my PhD life much easier!

Hi John, I managed to solve the problem in my last post — please ignore! Hi, Thank you so much for this template. May I ask how to change the option of double space and 1.

Hi John, Many thanks for this! Many, many thanks for this template, it is so helpful. I am submitting my thesis in the form of journal articles for the different chapters. I was wondering if you could advise how I can create a small reference list per chapter including only those references cited in that chapter? Is it possible to also change the sub-section numbering within different chapters?

Hi John, is the template still working? I fixed the referencing problem using the following. You need to select Biber instead of Bibtex. Thanks so much for making this available, I really like it! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Some of the features of this template are: The template includes chapter title pages with optional mini-ToC, epigraph, etc.

The template includes a carefully refined table of contents. The template includes the ability to add a list of abbreviations, glossary, etc. The thesis template can optionally highlight corrections for your examiners.

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Get help finding dissertations and theses in your subject using online resource guides created by Oxford's librarians Depositing your thesis Regulations on deposit of research theses (PDF, 81 KB).

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ProQuest Dissertations & Theses: UK & Ireland: Bibliographic details of Oxford theses not in SOLO. To find the shelfmarks of such theses, apply to the staff of the Weston Library's Charles Wendell David Reading Room who will ask the Rare Books department to check the card catalogue of non-scientific theses that are not in SOLO.

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Definition of dissertation - a long essay on a particular subject, especially one written for a university degree or diploma. Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) is an institutional repository for the University of Oxford and is home to the scholarly output of its research members. It holds publications, theses and research data.

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(Oxford Brookes, UK) designed for the healthcare context, this structured approach to developing a researchable question can be useful for any field. Writing a dissertation This presentation (Leicester University, UK) shows you what is involved in writing a dissertation from start to finish. Download the Oxford thesis template here. If you prefer, you can also view on GitHub. Most Oxford theses go through a round of corrections, as time-honored a tradition as the viva itself. I’ll be using it for my MSc dissertation. I have removed the quote and want the Section header i.e ‘Chapter 1’ to start where the quote started.