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Mother Teresa Short English Essay For Kids Of Class 1 To 5

Essay on Mother Teresa & Her Community Service

❶At an early age itself Agnes wanted to become a nun.

Mother Teresa Short English Essay For Kids Of Class 1 To 5

Long and Short Essay on Mother Teresa in English
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She stayed in India in major portion of her life. When she was 18 years old, spiritual life of the missionaries attracted her. In she came to Calcutta now Kolkata with a message of love. At first she began her work as a teacher at Calcutta. When she was working as a teacher she saw the distress of the slum dwellers which touched her heart deeply. She resigned from the service with the permission of the Church and stood amongst the half-fed and half-clothed children.

She converted herself to an Indian. She was given permission by the Pope to leave the convent and begin her lifelong ministry the year was Two years later, her order of the Missionaries of Charity was approved by the archdiocese of Kolkata and subsequently recognised as a Pontifical Congregation under the direct jurisdiction of Pope at Rome. Mother saw the manifestation of God in every human being and felt she was serving the Lord when she served a leper, a destitute or a dying person.

In them she saw Christ himself. She did not hesitate to serve even a faithless because of her own firm faith in humanity, God and his creation. She never tried to thrust her faith and belief on others. Mother led a very frugal and austere life. She had renounced all possessions.

The sisters also own nothing except three coarse sarees, one mattress, one mug and one plate. She became the Indian citizen in Mother Teresa opened charitable dispensaries, hospitals, TB clinics, homes for unwanted children, schools and a home for dying and destitute called Nirmal Hriday Pure Heart. This most revered daughter and mother of India spent her long life in helping the wretched on the gutters.

She waged a relentless and long war against suffering, appalling poverty and disease and compassion was her only weapon. She lived and died for charity, service and the welfare of the weakest of the weak. As a recognition to her matchless and long service she was showered honours upon honours including the Nobel Peace Prize in , the most prestigious civilian award of India — Bharat Ratna in Universities felt proud in conferring on her honorary doctorate degrees.

She was given the honour of honorary citizenship of several big and famous cities. She was a perfect embodiment of selfless love, service, compassion and charity. In her own lifetime she had grown into a legend. She adopted as her dress a simple white sari with blue borders and with a cross pined at the shoulder. Her first helper, a young Bengali girl joined her in Gradually, many young girls came to be part of her work. She organised them into a dedicated group of sisters ready to serve the poor in any form.

They came to be known as the Missionaries of Charity. Mother soon expanded her work and started working for the dying in the streets of Kolkata, people who were uncared for, the unloved and unwanted. As years passed, her helpers increased in numbers and she was able to expand and diversify her work.

She was able to open a number of institutions in India and in many foreign countries. By now her sisters not only took care of the slum children but also looked after abandoned babies, unwanted old people and the leprosy patients.

Mother saw the image of God in the poor, the orphan, the sick, the at abandoned and so served them whole heartedly as if she was serving God himself. Her self-less service to the cause of the poor and the sick won her international recognition.

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Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia on 27th August, Her childhood name was Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She took her primary education at a .

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Long and Short Essay on Mother Teresa in English. Mother Teresa was a great lady and a Roman Catholic nun who has founded the Missionaries of Charity. She had won the Nobel Peace Prize in for her great works. Mother Teresa Essay 1 ( words).

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Mother Teresa, born Agnes Gnocchi Bojaxhin, in South Yugoslavia in , came to Kolkata at the age of 18 to pursue her life's mission of caring for the poorest of the poor. Mother Teresa is known all over the world for her virtues and love that she displayed in the service of poorest of poor people of the world. Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia on 27 th August,

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Mother Teresa popularly known as the ‘Saint of the Gutters’, today stands as the brightest star in the horizon of the great personalities of the world. She epitomises service, kindness, dedication and love for the poor and the abandoned. Today, most people consider her as a ‘saint of our times,’ an ‘angel in human flesh’, [ ]. Short Paragraph on Mother Teresa Category: Famous and Great Personalities of India On April 20, By Team Work Mother Teresa is also known as “Blessed Teresa .