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Audience Analysis Essay

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❶When preparing your presentation it is important to take into consideration the diversity of the audience. Writing in Your Career.

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The written part of the message includes presenting the sales information in a PowerPoint that allows you to include detailed information incorporating graphs and charts. You can communicate the information orally providing a narrative that supports your PowerPoint slides. This can be a very effective method of highlighting specific points of the presentation to what the audience needs to capture. Other methods that can be used effectively in this scenario are a video conference or a conference call combined with Net meeting in order for everyone to access the PowerPoint during the meeting.

Emailing this type of information is fast and efficient, but it would be ineffective. There is too much information that could get overlooked and misinterpreted regardless of how much effort you put into the audience analysis. Email channels are more appropriate for routine communication such as day-to-day activities. Selecting the proper channel can contribute to the success of the message. When preparing your presentation it is important to take into consideration the diversity of the audience.

Living in a multicultural society it is important to recognize and be sensitive toward the different cultures and ethnicities of people. In addition you should understand the organizational culture. Organizational culture is a set of values and attitudes that can change from company to company.

It can be an important part of delivering a successful sales presentation by understanding the culture of the company. In the sales meeting with the stakeholders you have a diverse audience of internal company managers and sales staff and you have external customers.

You need to take this into consideration when determining the level of detail that you want to share in the meeting. With the presence of outside people, you may want to be cautious of how much sales information you present in the meeting.

Analyzing your audience will prepare you for the diversity of your audience. One way to ensure that you deliver an effective message is to start by performing a thorough audience analysis. Organize the information that you are including the key points that you want to get across. The best method will depend on the audience you are trying to reach, how much information you need about them, and what resources you have available for conducting your analysis.

Create your analytical tool. Your analytical tool is the instrument you'll use to gather your information, e. The content should be driven by your brainstorming in step two. Try to avoid creating questions that lead your participants toward a given answer, even if you think it is correct. Questions that ask about more than one thing at a time may confuse your participants or result in unreliable data.

Once you've decided which questions to ask, it's time to decide who you should ask them to. If you can't include everyone in the audience in your analysis, try to select a group of individuals who you think are representative of the audience you hope to understand. For example, if you think your audience is mostly women, try to select a sample that reflects that.

Other characteristics that might be useful in selecting participants could be their occupation or employer especially if you are writing something for people in a particular field , their ethnic backgrounds, the city or neighborhood in which they live, or their membership in a particular organization.

Which characteristics are most important will vary based on the type of document you are producing and the audience you are hoping to reach. Conduct your survey, interviews, or conversations with potential audience members. If you are using a survey, you may want to let your participants remain anonymous, especially if you are asking them about anything sensitive or personal.

This can lead to more honest responses. Never record anyone without their permission, as this may be a violation of state law. Now it's time to have a look at the information you've collected and see what it tells you about your audience.

How knowledgeable or interested are they about the topic you'll be writing about? How old is the average person in your sample? What proportion of them subscribe to the publication you are writing for? If you need to conduct in-depth statistical analyses of your data, there are software programs that can help you, such as Stata or SPSS. These programs are costly though, and for most purposes, calculating simple percentages is more than adequate.

Common applications like Excel can help you with organizing and analyzing your data. Putting your questions across the top row in a data sheet and then placing each participant's responses in the rows below will allow you to quickly summarize the range of responses you got for each question.

If your analytical tool used open-ended questions, i. Create an audience profile. Sometimes it is best to categorize your audience as novice, intermediate, and expert. Novices are not very knowledgeable and fear a certain subject. They prefer basic concepts and procedures and would rather get things done quickly in order to get quick results.

Intermediate Audiences have some knowledge and experience. And Experts are very knowledgeable , Another thing to remember is English-Language Ability. Some employees have graduated from and U.

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“Audience analysis gives you the tools you need to shape your product and your message” (Locker & Kienzler, , p. 41). When presenting the company’s quarterly sales information it is important to evaluate the audience so that you can tailor the message to their needs.

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In preparing a speech or composition, audience analysis is the process of determining the values, interests, and attitudes of listeners or readers. Audience Analysis in Speech and Composition Search the site GO. AUDIENCE!ANALYSIS!!! While!the!writer!is!important!to!the!rhetorical!situationsurrounding!anessay,!the!intendedreader! (audience)is!equally!important.!The.

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Audience Analysis Paper Kimberly Sterling COMM/ January 20, Gary Wiessner Audience Analysis Paper When presenting a quarterly sales meeting to managers, salespeople, stakeholders, and customers, the speaker must be able to communicate effectively to the order for the speaker to do so he or she must be able to capture the attention of the audience. Aug 22,  · How to Conduct Audience Analysis. To make any type of writing as effective as possible, it is important that the writer understands his or her audience. What the reader wants, needs, knows, and feels about a topic are important factors in 75%(88).