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How To Write a Ministry Resume

Pastor Resume Template and Example

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Pastor Resume Professional Summary Tips

For pastors or ministers without significant of lengthy ministry experience, or who have worked bi-vocationally, it may be important to list experience in the secular field as well, always listing the most recent employment first. Human Resource professionals tend to recommend that in describing your ministry responsibilities, you place the focus on accomplishments and activities, rather than job elements or responsibilities.

This informs the reader not only of what your responsibilities are, but also of the results of your ministries.

Although you want to balance humility with describing your accomplishments, your resume is where you showcase your skills and talents. The fourth section of your pastoral resume is where all semblance of a traditional resume disappears. Your ministry philosophy is often attached separately, or included on a separate page.

Ministry philosophies are typically broken down into several sections, such as: Each of your philosophies should be succinct, yet detailed, and if appropriate, should include Scriptural references.

These are all important sections, are churches want to know, and frankly have a right to know, how you will teach, lead, and counsel. Be sure to personalize these statements. Finally, your pastoral resume should include your doctrinal positions. You may list that your doctrinal positions align with a published doctrinal statement within the denomination you are applying within, but a pastoral resume should always include a description of your doctrinal positions: Only list Scripture references you have personally researched and agree with in their application.

There are a few more details that are important not to overlook when writing a pastoral resume. Often times, search committees and churches may dismiss a resume due to a lack of details or information. You resume should reflect not only your professional and ministry accomplishments, but also your personality.

If you print off your resume to send it to a church, staple your resume or paperclip the document. This is an easy step to ensure that the pages are not separated. An important tip to consider is to insert your first and last name, as well as page numbers, in the footer of your resume, in case the pages of your resume are separated.

Do not use graphics, pictures, or excessive colors in your resume. This guide will help you learn about how to put together a resume that will get you hired.

Working as a pastor involves a lot of work that is personal in nature. Of course your own spirituality is also important to you, so use the Professional Summary section of your resume to talk briefly about what aspects of the pastor position are most important to you. You may choose to mention some highlights of your career thus far, which you can then expand on later in the resume.

Empathy, leadership and communication are some of the skills a good pastor requires. A pastor may not need a high level of technical knowledge to succeed at their job, but these other skills are incredibly important. How do you help people form a personal connection with God, and set a good example for them to emulate?

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Your Guide to Ministerial Résumés Also the “Power” Words for Résumés can help make an okay résumé into one that clearly communicates you, your accomplishments and your abilities in just a few choice word changes. Both of these tools will it has to say about pastoral ministry, which in turn allows for in-depth personal.

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Ministry Resume Service is a searchable database of Gateway alumni and current students who are seeking to be a candidate for your church or ministry organization. To begin your resume search contact for the access password. Here's some help for writing a ministry resume that will make a good first impression with search committees and/or pastors.

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Do you want to know how to write a ministry resume? Here's a brief article for you. An example of a ministry resume' is included as well. All truth is from the Father, through the Son, and by the Spirit. Christ is Better Than Our Uniqueness and Service; My Tweets Recent Comments. Dennis Clough on Charles Spurgeon: Wrong on Spiritualizing. A NEW LOOK AT MINISTRY RESUMES (for clergy and lay professionals) By The Rev. Christopher Chamberlain Moore For clergy and lay professionals seeking a new position, the resume is a key document in the placement process. It is, along with CDO Profile, a prime determinant of.