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Writing a persuasive speech

Persuasive Speech Outline

❶RD Rhonda Drew Aug 29, Also, introduce yourself so that the audience knows who you are.

3. Audience analysis

Writing your Persuasive Speech Outline
4. Keep it local
Persuasive Speech Outline Example

To get the most from it move through the list sequentially. You'll find links to topic suggestion pages, explanations about how to structure your speech and the importance of audience analysis with examples and more. The "Little Rock Nine" sculptures, Arkansas, USA, commemorating nine students who, in , risked their lives for the right to receive an education. Find out more by clicking the image. There's more than one persuasive speech topic in this story.

I f you've already got a speech topic move on to setting a goal. For those who don't have a topic read on. If you're preparing the speech as part of a class exercise or for a public speaking club like Toastmasters you have seemingly unlimited choice.

And that can be bewildering! The possibilities are vast. How do you narrow them down? The answer is to choose something that you genuinely care about, fits the occasion AND that you know your audience will be interested in. T he goal of writing a persuasive speech is to change or move the audience toward accepting your position on the topic.

An essential part of that is knowing exactly what it is you want to achieve. My topic is "obesity in children ". I am speaking to mothers whose children all attend the same kindergarten. There is concern among the staff over the number of children who are over weight for their age. The children mostly come from homes where both parents work. Food is bought already made up for a variety of reasons including time saving, convenience and a lack of knowledge of preparing it any other way.

Fussy or picky eating is allowed principally because the effort and time required to change already established patterns is difficult to find. In setting the goal MWR for the speech I need to decide what approach will achieve the best results. Do I want to influence the mothers to open their minds to the idea that allowing a child to establish habitual unhealthy eating patterns is detrimental to their children's growth and development? Or do I want them to stop using treat and pre-prepared foods immediately and only offer home cooked healthy options instead?

How you persuade, and your MWR goal is most effectively established when you understand who you are talking to. Aside from their anticipated baseline attitude, hostile, neutral, motivated , toward your speech topic, what else do you know about them? T he more you can find out, the more you can tailor writing a persuasive speech including tone and language choice , and your MWR to fit. You should consider a few tips prior to writing your persuasive speech, so sit back, relax and get ready to learn.

First and foremost you need to get a hot topic that would normally spark controversy. This could be just about anything nowadays from abortion, to human trafficking to even animal rights. Just a pick a topic about which you are passionate and then you can begin your research. You should have a solid understanding of the audiences perception of the topic that you have selected.

If you have ever sat and watched politicians speak, you have undoubtedly noticed that they not only have a way with words but they have a good understanding of what is going on in the minds of most people. They play on perception — the audiences perception of a certain subject, person, group or social issue.

You must learn how to quickly play on the audience's perception or your speak will tank. So perception is key.

But the best way to make a point is concisely, as Churchill did when he announced during a wartime address: The President advised us: It was a helpful reminder to stop focusing on polls and soundbites and simply say something we believed in as simply as we could.

Sharing a personal story can help you find your voice and build a connection with the audience. When Michelangelo was tasked with painting the Sistine Chapel, he considered it a thankless job. He would have much rather spent his time sculpting than painting. But he used the occasion to paint perhaps the most revered fresco in history. No one remembers the speeches of segregationists, though there were no doubt eloquent preachers spewing hate in the days of Jim Crow.

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Examples of Persuasive Speeches – PDF. Once you start writing a persuasive speech, you need to be careful as it demands careful planning and fact-based presentation to convince your audience. Without those, it would just be another blabbermouth running his mouth, not knowing what he is trying to do.

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Writing Persuasive Speeches study guide by Viktoria_Kucherenko includes 40 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades.

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Looking for the steps for writing a persuasive speech? One thing that you should have a solid understanding of the audiences perception of the topic that you have selected. Writing a persuasive speech - an action point checklist: how to choose your topic, set a realistic goal, analyse your audience, and select a persuasive speech pattern to write to.

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Some famous persuasive speeches were the “I Have A Dream” speech by Martin Luther King, Junior and Jimmy Valvano’s famous ESPY awards speech. There is a certain general format that all persuasive speeches follow. Writing your Persuasive Speech Outline. Where do you begin in writing your said speech? Listed below are some of the measures you can consider as you begin drafting your speech: Choose your topic. The first step to any speech writing. If your speech topic is more specific, the better as it will serve as a guide on the points that you need to.