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How to Start an Editing or Writing Business

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❶It is for these reasons that your content should be your number one priority when marketing any product or service via website or blog.

Proofing/Editing. Articles/Websites/Direct Mail/E-Mail/Blogs/Social Media/.

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You could also use those research skills to help out other writers or publications early in the process. You can research particular topics and then put together reports or findings.

Ghost writing gives writers the opportunity to offer another kind of service on a freelance basis. But instead of submitting articles or other pieces under your own name, it can be published under another name. If you build up a portfolio or a reputation writing about a particular topic, you may be able to offer freelance services as a regular columnist covering that topic either for print or online publications.

Plenty of people, from business professionals to politicians, need help with speeches. So you can offer your services as a speech writer to fill that need.

Playwriting is a specific kind of art. The key is to make the same kind of contacts in theatrical circles as others would in other industries. Similarly, you can write your own scripts for things like TV and movies and then attempt to sell them or even produce them independently.

Again, as in any other industry, the key is to market effectively to those in the television and motion picture industry. Offering public relations services requires a lot of writing. You need to be able to craft press releases and other marketing materials and then communicate effectively with clients and media alike. You can also offer resume or cover letter writing services to job seekers who need a bit of help crafting those pieces for their job search.

Or you can offer your services to new businesses that are looking for some help writing business plans and similar materials. Businesses at any stage may be able to use some help writing client proposals and similar materials. Non-profits, municipalities and similar organizations can also use help putting together grants to seek funding for various projects.

So you can offer your services in that area as well. If you prefer working with bloggers individually, you can offer services as a consultant to help bloggers find their niche and grow their audience. You could also create and sell your own writing courses online so that students can purchase and then work at their own pace. Or you could offer your services as a writing tutor to students or even professionals who need a bit of extra help honing their skills.

You can also work with traditional authors to coach them on anything from story creation to book marketing. Zines are small, independently produced publications that often include written work mixed with other visuals.

If you enjoy writing and putting together those visuals, you can produce your own zines and sell them locally or online. Since ecommerce is becoming such a popular industry, there are business opportunities for writers who enjoy putting together unique product descriptions that can help businesses get their products found. But podcasters do often have to do some writing in order to plan out their shows and market them online.

You might also be able to start a business that helps other businesses with market research. This could require writing materials like surveys and analytical reports.

Affiliate marketing is a growing field that allows online content creators to earn a share of the sales that they bring to businesses. If you have a blog or website, you can add affiliate links to your content and earn some income through any referrals.

You can also offer writing services to those who want some help putting together letters or similar forms of communication. You not only need a solid business model, a viable product or service, and a reliable and efficient team; you need better content for your business.

It is the most critical, and sometimes the most easily overlooked function of your entire business model. It is for these reasons that your content should be your number one priority when marketing any product or service via website or blog. Look at it like this; you spent thousands on search engine marketing SEM , ad placement, and web design.

However, you outsourced your web and blog content overseas to save money. Now you have a website and blog that is sub-par. With the money spent on SEM, ad placement, and web design — your content will now drive that traffic away, taking with it any hope of building a reputation and making sales. This is why you must invest in your content more so than any other medium.

Professional content writing services should also ensure that your content is written by an experienced copywriter and is optimized for search engines. Organic search rankings are much more valuable than ad placement. It also ensures that once searchers click through to your website, the content builds trust and confidence, ultimately building loyalty.

The level of dedication you exhibit should not encompass you taking on every task solely. Many small business owners think that anyone can make a website, that anyone can write copy.

To sell them on your services, you have to make them see your unique value. Van Buren also makes sure the client understands how her services pay off in the end, and describes the work she can do for them as an investment. Small businesses often know they need help with something, but they may be unsure of what that something is. Taking the initiative goes beyond the initial pitch.

If you succeed in landing a client, you should continue to point out areas of improvement, and offer to help. For example, a client might not know what a case study is, but it could be very beneficial to their business.

They might not realize a freelance writer can help with things like blogging, copywriting emails or creating press kits. They might not be aware that a freelance developer can also help with continuous website maintenance, SEO visibility or social media integration.

Small businesses and big companies are two different animals. While multi-department organizations possess a clearer understanding of their long-term needs, smaller businesses are more concerned with the day to day, and are thus more focused on the short-term. Explain what you can do for them in terms they can understand. Find something in your life that connects you to their business and make it a point of virtue.

Pitching small businesses can be hard work, and demands a lot of research and a fair share of trial and error. But just like your services, pitching will pay off in the end. Build Your First Node App. Josh Kraus is a Chicago-born, Denver-based writer and mediocre autobiographist with an interest in art, entrepreneurship, and emerging industries.

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