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Ethan Frome Essay

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❶When she came to take care of his mother she had seemed to Ethan like the very genius of health, but he soon saw that he skill as a nurse had been acquired by the absorbed observation of her own symptoms. While on the island, t

Ethan Frome Essay

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Zeena seems to understand the symbolism of the dish, and she cries when she finally realizes the only thing left she loved in her marriage was broken. Instead of trying to fix the dish, Zeena only sulks over the remnants of the shattered plate. Like the plate, she does not attempt to fix her marriage either.

The pickle dish becomes a clear symbol that the Frome marriage has failed under the relationship between Mattie and Ethan, and neither Ethan nor Zeena care to fix the broken marriage. Although upset, they both move on. Ethan like the feeling of companionship with someone, so when his mother died, he asked Zeena to marry him out of the fear of being alone. Ethan felt a duty to take care of Zeena when she got sick not only because she is his wife, but because she took care of his mother.

He does, however, fell it is his duty to help her all that he can because of these factors. Ethan, on the other hand, loves Mattie. Mattie, first of all, is actually nice to him. Unlike Zeena, Mattie likes to spend time with Ethan.

She does not seclude herself to her room everyday. Mattie is his true love, but he cannot break off his marriage because he knows it is morally wrong to leave someone sick like Zeena.

The meaning of the novel is the battle between duty and love. By marrying Zeena, Ethan made a promise to be by her side in sickness and in health. He promised to be with her and he feels he cannot give up her duty to Zeena for selfish reasons like love. In multiple instances, Ethan contemplated running away with Mattie, but he could not bear the thought of leaving Zeena sick and helpless.

He even thought about killing himself and Mattie so that they could be together, but at the last second Ethan jerks the sleigh. Subconsciously, Ethan knows this is not an appropriate thing to do. He still has a duty to Zeena. In my opinion, each group presentation has strengths and limitations. However, we tried to finish the presentation very well and that is something that should be rewarded. Their lives do become cold and dead.

The imagery associated with Zeena is bleak and cold also. Her choice of vocabulary and sentence structure, which is as stark as the lives led by her protagonists, is deceptive. Throughout the novel, Wharton builds up patterns of imagery, patterns of behavior, and specially charged words; all of which serve a definite stylistic and structural purpose.

Not only in this example, but everywhere in the novel, her style is restrained, so that the way the words are arranged enhances their meaning without calling attention to the cleverness of the arrangement. Because Wharton refrains from using unnecessary, superfluous modifiers, her descriptions seem to be almost elliptical or incomplete. She chooses adjectives and adverbs carefully and uses them infrequently.

Her imagery is always appropriate to the limitations of her characters and is simply and subtly stated. For example, when Mattie and Ethan spend the evening together, Wharton uses the imagery of warmth and cold to complement characterization. She uses adjectives related to warmth when describing Mattie, and adjectives related to cold to describe Zeena. The prologue not only establishes the nature of theme and action, but also begins the characterization of Zeena and Ethan Frome. It also sets the important patterns of imagery and symbolism and starts a tone of omniscient narration throughout the body of the novel.

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There are many examples of naturalism in Ethan Frome: Ethan Frome, a significant character in the book, is very troubled. Life hasnt been pleasant for Ethan. Through his life experiences, Naturalism has been portrayed. At the beginning of the story, the reader, from the following quote, finds out that Ethan is crippled from a smash-up: The smash-up it was—I gathered from the same informant—which, besides drawing the red gash across Ethans Fromes forehead, had so shortened and warped his right side that it cost him a visible effort to take the few steps from his buggy to the post-office window.

Wharton 4 This is a characteristic of Naturalism because the smash-up was caused by Ethans emotions. If Ethan did not have any feelings for Mattie, the smash-up would have never taken place and Ethan and Mattie would not be injured and forced to spend the rest of their lives being taken care of by Zeena. Then, the novel goes into a flashback and the whole story of Ethan Frome is told to the reader.

The reader then finds out that Zeena, Ethans wife, is actually his cousin who came to Starkfield to take care of Ethans mother, and she never left after his mother passed away. Ethan and Zeena get married and they have a loveless marriage that took place because of loneliness. In the novel, it says that the marriage might not have taken place if it had not been wintertime.

This is also another example of Naturalism because it was decision that was controlled by their instincts that if they did not get married, then they would have a lonely winter. Zeena becomes sick, and her cousin Mattie has to come to Starkfield and take care of the house. Ethan falls in love with Mattie, but is not able to express his feelings at first because of Zeena.

Later on in the story, Ethan and Mattie discover that they love each other and that they cannot be together so they decided to commit suicide.

Unfortunately, the suicide attempt was futile and Mattie and Ethan both survive.

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Ethan Frome essays Ethan Frome, a novel by Edith Wharton, tells the story of a man who no longer loves his wife, and falls in love with her cousin. Ethan Frome married a older woman named Zeena, with whom he has fallen out of love.

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Essay on Wharton's Ethan Frome: Ethan Frome as Fairy Tale - Ethan Frome as Fairy Tale Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome is vividly real to its readers, its issues continually relevant to society, but through its structure and moral lessons, it is intended to be read as a 'fairy tale'.

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Ethan Frome Homework Help Questions In Ethan Frome, what does the behavior imply about New Englanders’ attitudes toward This question relates explicitly to the whole question of point of view and narration, which is particularly interesting in this book. Ethan Frome Essay. BACK; NEXT ; Writer’s block can be painful, but we’ll help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper.

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The novel by Edith Wharton "Ethan Frome" tells readers of the life of one family that represents the rural working-class of New England and is based on a true accident that occurred in Lenox, Massachusetts. Ethan Frome literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Ethan Frome.