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30+ Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

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❶Animal templates, corrugated cardboard, craft paint, paintbrush, pipe cleaners, white glue What To Do:

DIY Pop Up Book

Perfect star with one cut? Yes!
Colorful Cardboard Zoo Animals
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Here are some ideas guaranteed to inspire. These paper decorations are a fresh alternative to balloons and, hung from a tree or a ceiling, work for all kinds of parties. Plus, they're a breeze to make. Four-petaled paper dogwood flowers offer a way to enjoy spring year-round.

Making them calls for basic folds and cuts -- no pruning required. Dress up accordion-style lanterns with paper ribbons inscribed with the words "America the Beautiful.

Cut from card stock using specialty craft punches , these botanical embellishments are an easy way to spruce up envelopes and gift bags. Sew the fasteners on with silk beading cord, and double-knot on the back. Then wind a length of cord in a figure eight to close. Or simply wrap the cord around an envelope or bag, and secure with a single bud. The "cracked" tops of papier-mache eggshells with pink, gold, and white linings become dishes for foil-wrapped chocolates and candy eggs.

For the nest, decorative paper is cut with fringe scissors. Use loop-shaped craft punches to create handmade photo ornament frames to hang from your tree or give as a gift. These botanical motifs, cut like paper snowflakes, pay tribute to Hawaiian quilts. You can frame a single cutout or an arrangement of them, in one color or in several.

Create these summery prints using rubber fish forms, delicate rice paper, and drawing inks. Hang the prints to dry, and then frame them as memories of the season. Originally, nightcaps were invented around the Middle Ages and were used as a way to help prevent head lice. As the years passed by they became more useful in other ways, especially when it came to keeping ones head warm.

For women, they were also used to keep not only their head warm, but also to protect the hair from any kind of damage. This video tutorial will show you ladies how to make a hair bonnet Watch this instructional quilting video to sew three dimensional faux cathedral window quilting blocks. These easy to make blocks add great accents to any quilt. The cathedral window quilting block is actually made up of four smaller patches with another square sewn inside. The 3D effect requires some careful folding.

Pin down the frame of the window to give it a curved edge. For the center patch you can use patterned fabric or a photograph. This video demonstrates how to sew a Victorian skirt. First take a cotton cloth and cut a rectangle piece twice the size of your waist.

The length would be depending on your choice of height you require. Hem the top and the bottom of the cloth. Then use elastic thread to create 12 rows of shirring. This is for sure a tedious task but it will look beautiful. Then take a chiffon cloth and cut the same size as your skirt.

Hem one side of it and on the other side This cake looks almost good enough to eat, even though we know it's made out of origami paper. Fool your friends with this realistic pink origami cake, made from an assemblage of cut-out cake slices. This is an easy bag to make, and you don't even need a sewing machine to create it. Get a few yards of canvas, your favorite tribal or global fabrics, a decorative trim, an iron, a glue gun, a pair of scissors and Stitch Witchery.

This is a step-by-step of how to make beer goggles. You need beer, a little dance in your step, tape and empty toilet paper rolls. How to make a Nice Macrame bracelet with rhombus and small beads. Video Tutorial In this style you can even make a belt.

The metal clay must be completely dry before you begin the torch fire procedure. Set up your work space in a well-ventilated area with your metal clay on a fire brick. Start your flame and move around the piece in a circular motion, not staying on one point for long. You might see little flashes of flame. That is to be expected. Time yourself for about a minute. Your metal clay should take on a peach color. It is important not to use a butane torch and metal clays that contain or Open work makes a project go really fast.

You might not be the warmest on a cold winter night, but it still looks nice. An open work stitch is basically a three to two configuration. This is the perfect beginner's project. These crochet blankets will keep you warm but won't stifle you. Unlock the secret to clothing design. If you can draft and sew a basic bodice you can design virtually any kind of t-shirt, blouse or other top! Attach a skirt and you now have a dress! We've all attempted to fold a paper airplane before, right?

One we hoped would sail majestically through the air for a good while but just ended up nose-diving into the grass. Paper planes, an invention likely as old as paper, are models of engineering; and they must account for the same dynamics as real planes, from drag force to stability to weight.

So what is the perfect design? To tie the overhand knot, make a loop and pass one end of the string through the loop and tighten by pulling both ends. To tie a double overhand knot, make a loop and pass one end of the string through the loop twice before pulling both ends to tighten the knot.

To tie a surgeon's knot, take the left string and bring it over and around the right string twice. Then take the right string over and around the left string and pull both ends to tighten, leaving a complete loop of string below the k A bezel setting is a simple band of metal that simply wraps around the stone or gem. While bezels settings can be purchase premade, making them uniquely ensures a perfect fit, for even the most unusual gemstones.

Learn how to craft a bezel setting by watching this video jewelry-making tutorial. Tailors can be expensive, but you can be your own tailor!

This tutorial shows you how to take a pair of pants that might be a bit too big around the waist and take them in using professional tailoring techniques. Quilt as you go is becoming one of the most popular quilting methods out there and this video will show you how to do the technique using only your sewing machine.

This method allows you to create a quilt in no time flat. You'll need lots of fabric strips, squares or triangles. You'll also need baton and backing, thread and of course a sewing machine. You'll see this project appear before your eyes and your friends will be impressed and amazed! You know how often times you'll find almost perfect jeans at the store, with the perfect faded wash, boot cut, and dark navy color, but they're just a wee bit too tight and a wee bit too long?

Have you ever wished that the jeans company tailored those pants to you? You can fuse metal together without having to solder it. By using a butane torch, you can heat your pieces of metal until they are almost but not quite melted. Once they reach this flashpoint, you can easily fuse the pieces together. Maybe add a bird or a squirrel or two! Check out Creative Jewish Mom for the full low down on how to twist, curl, and create this fun paper bag craft.

For more paper bag crafts click here. This craft from First Palette is fit for the pint-sized royalty in your life. Head here for the full instructions. For more great paper hat crafts click here. Paper doll chains are a pretty classic paper craft and we think this one from Mer Mag has a particularly irresistible charm. It's perfect for your aspiring prima ballerina's room decor or next birthday party. Props to Handmade Charlotte , who came up with this super cute and easy idea for critter-inspired masks.

Click here for all the inspiration you need. For more easy masks that'll transform your day, click here. This one goes out to all the itty bitty kitty lovers out there. The shapes and gluing are pretty simple and you can customize colors and whiskers too. Find the how-to here. For more easy garland ideas, click here.

This activity is all about cheery watercolor and the perfection of imperfection. Okay, so this craft is less crafting-with-paper and more make-your-own-paper. Great when you need a quick prop for pretend play or a special accessory for that dinosaur party.

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Perfect star with one cut? Yes! Do you know, that you can make a perfect star with just one cut? See the video and do it youself!

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Make with craft paper, construction paper, scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper. Simple but pretty craft. On a chandelier with other origami bits All your easy kids crafts ideas sorted. This page has so many easy kids crafts, you will be busy for years to come. Easy Paper Butterfly Origami - beautiful origami butterflies for kids to make.

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Whether it’s construction paper, computer paper, or yesterday’s newspaper, your art supply drawer isn’t complete without this particular DIY ingredient. That’s why we’ve gathered up 23 crafts that spotlight paper in a big way, from cootie catchers to garlands to festive hats. Jul 14,  · Make an epic paper snowflake using this technique from Side by Side, a book of collaborative crafts for parents and kids by Tsia Carson. Working on the floor, lay 9 full-size sheets of newspaper in a three-by-three grid to form a square, then tape the sheets Parents.

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Whether you are making origami, paper airplanes, jewelry or sewing a quilt, arts and crafts is a great way to express your creativity. Watch how-to videos about scrapbooking, embroidery, knitting, paper craft, origami, and much more. Knit a keyhole in a scarf, make origami mushrooms, or make dice if your happen to be in prison. Make Bowls & Pottery & Hot Plates with Crepe Paper Streamers - This is a really neat arts and crafts project to make a real, usable bowl, hot plates, or other type of pottery from normal crepe paper party streamers. You might even have these hanging around the house already.