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10 Exciting Ideas for Your Dissertation in Psychology

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❶Most individuals experience at least one potentially traumatic event PTE , such as a natural disaster.

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Depression and self-esteem
Covering the subjects of overdose and suicide
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Opportunities exist to integrate psychiatric mental healthcare into FNP curriculum and clinical practicums to better prepare providers to identify and screen for depression. The purpose of this evidenced-based practice project is to evaluate FNP student competencies in This research explores solutions for individualizing and improving care for pediatric patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Perioperative Setting of an Outpatient Surgery Center.

Specifically, it seeks to determine if providing parent and staff resources on Autism Spectrum Disorder is significantly helpful in increasing confidence in the staff by the parents and the staff themselves. Participants included thirty-five surveyed families who had pediatric patients visiting perioperative services and staff who work on the unit. Methods used include information dissemination with the use of printable and online evidence-based resources, an in-person education event for staff, and a pilot study of The rising prevalence of depression is straining the skeletal mental health systems in rural communities, resulting in a majority of patients receiving management for their depression solely by their primary care providers.

However, providers need to be empowered with evidence-based resources to provide adequate care beyond pharmacotherapy exclusively. Bibliotherapy, or the prescription of books for the treatment of disease, is readily used by psychologists but less incorporated into the traditional medical model of patient care.

This small pilot study provided primary care providers in a rural area complimentary copies of the self-help text Feeling Good Burns, to incorporate into Teachers are with their students an average of seven to 10 hours a day, five days a week.

The substantial amount of time teachers spend with their students allows them to provide helpful insight into health problems children face. A convenient sample of 86 teachers from three elementary schools in Northwest Arkansas was surveyed. Surveys were used to identify the three main concerns teachers have for their students. A cross-sectional design was used Unfortunately, the negative stigma associated with mental health often causes those affected to not seek treatment.

School nurses are on the front line of public health problems and deliver safe, effective evidence-based practice to their communities. School nurses must be included in the discussion While schools provide a variety of services to help reduce mental health disparities, there is limited information concerning the success of services offered. The purpose of this study was to examine the attitudes of middle school children towards mental health programs offered at the selected study site.

The design utilized was a cross sectional design using a convenience sample of middle school children in Northwest Arkansas. The results indicated that middle school children need a unique variety of programs offered to support The prevalence of mental illness is well documented with million people suffering with a mental illness worldwide.

Nurses are integral to the delivery of mental health services and can influence the provision of individually focused, evidence-based, and culturally competent care. Spiritual care has been shown to enhance coping, improve well-being, and increase satisfaction with care for those in mental health recovery.

Three manuscripts presented in this dissertation portfolio explored and addressed the concepts spirituality and spiritual care for those in mental health and substance use recovery.

The Recovery Practice Model was examined and how spiritual care can be integrated Screening for depression upon intake and completion of a Phase II cardiac rehabilitation CR program may influence the type of interventions implemented by CR staff and reduce depression. We further identified the types of interventions used for those who were depressed.

We conducted a pre-post intervention study. Using a convenience sample, data were collected on CES-D scores before and after the program and by type of procedure, gender, and Specific factors that contribute to nursing supervisors perceived self-efficacy remains unclear.

Although several studies have examined the relationship between self-efficacy and mental health nursing supervision most have focused on the impact of client care. To date, there is a dearth of studies to assess the impact of a leadership focused teaching session on the perceived self-efficacy of mental health nursing supervisors.

Equipping nurses who are responsible for the supervision of others with the skills needed to fulfill their role responsibilities has the potential to improve their job performance, the work satisfaction, and well-being of staff nurses they supervise as Historically, PTSD was viewed as a weakness.

Only recently has it gained attention as a health priority for veterans. This scholarly project provides an algorithmic resource to help providers discern and assess whether a veteran is suffering from PTSD. One specific option explored is animal therapy as a way for a veteran suffering from PTSD to better manage his or her symptoms. The purpose of this project was to measure adherence rates to the current alcohol use screening process, and identification of correlations of alcohol use and outcomes in patients admitted to Norton Hospital, via the emergency department.

Currently, at Northern Michigan University NMU , there are limited opportunities included in the program curriculums of Compassionate care, or humanism, should be available to all patients, but the stigma associated with mental illness is a barrier to many people receiving the appropriate care.

Views held by Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN students can vary from custodial, or the belief in a traditional medical model which involved a highly controlled setting for all mentally ill patients, to humanistic, or viewing the hospital as a therapeutic community for the human needs of a patient.

This study examines the views of BSN students before their psychiatric clinical experience through a pretest and post-test survey and analyzes for a The purpose of this integrative review was to examine the effects of music therapy, a complementary intervention, on individuals with dementia.

The literature indicates the use of music therapy as an adjuvant therapy for the treatment of dementia in older adults may be beneficial in decreasing symptoms of aggression, anxiety, agitation and The United States has an overwhelming number of people suffering from mental illness, especially anxiety and depression.

Not even half of those diagnosed with these conditions are treated effectively and costs are expected to rise significantly in the coming years. One population that is often overlooked that suffers from these conditions is health professionals themselves. Physicians and nurses have high rates of depression and anxiety due to the stress from their occupation.

In order for more patients and providers to be treated and for the health care All, but six, were married. Bivariate Pearson correlations indicate a The rise in adolescent drug use and addiction is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Mental health is a serious and compelling issue in modern times and sufficient attention needs to be given to the subject since there still exists certain taboos associated with it.

A dissertation paper on mental health is a wonderful idea to raise awareness about the subject. However, you must ensure that there is a certain degree of sensitivity associated with your writing style and tone. Be very particular about how you portray mental illnesses and be respectful at all times. You can explore the way full-time carers are prone to pressure and becoming resentful due to the burdens placed upon them. They tend to become isolated from society and most of them fail to enjoy access to professional services on a full-time basis.

You can choose a more humane perspective to explore just how these carers feel and how to have to make do with measly budgets. You have to investigate the way these carers devote themselves to serving others with mental illnesses but in the process, become overtaxed. You might even offer insights into how you can enhance the working conditions. Attempt to understand how people who struggle with their weights have to bear ridicule and contend with social perception on a regular basis.

A lot of them respond to such issues by developing the condition known as bulimia nervosa. This is an example of how mental health can hamper the wellbeing of your body on a physical basis. Another interesting subject for dissertation is presented in the study of long-term psychological effects that a divorce can have on the adult children of divorcees.

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Sep 09,  · Example mental health dissertation topic 2: Lowered self-esteem, depression, and in need of help: An assessment of the effects upon lone carers of mentally disabled spouses. Increasingly socially isolated and without access to full-time professional support services, full-time carers can, as this.

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How To Choose Winning Dissertation Topics About Mental Health? Mental health is a serious and compelling issue in modern times and sufficient attention needs to be given to the subject since there still exists certain taboos associated with it.

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Attitudes Toward Mental Health Dissertation 1. Michelle Rodriguez PSY 1 THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTHAMPTON School of Social Sciences Attitudes Toward Mental Health Michelle Rodriguez April Submitted in part-fulfilment of the requirements for the BSc Psychology degree as awarded by The University of . 20 Outstanding Dissertation Titles In Psychiatric Nursing Psychiatric nursing is the area of nursing that deals specifically with patients that suffer from mental illness. Due to this, this type of nursing is also called “Mental Health Nursing”.

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10 Exciting Ideas for Your Dissertation in Psychology. Anorexia is an eating disorder which is dangerous to human health. Some studies show that conflicts over food in childhood can cause problematic eating attitudes in adolescence. You can find or collect data about hospitalization for mental disorders in hospitals. If there is data. A list of mental health nursing dissertation topics and dissertation topics on dementia for students. Get nursing dissertation help at an affordable cost.