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Crucible Final Project

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❶As the play enacts the hysterical and authoritarian practices of Puritan Salem, so the country was led by an analogous set of irrational motivations and authoritarian methods.

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#2956. Possible Projects -- The Crucible

Select one of the following prompts below, whichever seems to meet your learning style best, and complete the project described. You will present your project two class meetings from now, and it will be considered your final exam. The class will then have an opportunity to ask you any questions about what you made. Finally, I will ask you the questions below, plus one surprise question on your project.

Prepare a good answer to each of these questions before coming to class: Why was this project choice the best one for you? How do you feel about the overall quality of your work on this? Who was the most memorable character in the play for you, and why? Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files.

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Handouts must be printed separately. Act 1 is always the most difficult for the students to understand, as 13 out of the 21 characters are introduced within this section alone. After reading act 1 of The Crucible , students create Trading Cards to describe and analyze an assigned character. Then, they explore portraits of Puritans online to assist them in creating a portrait of the character and present a rationale to explain their work of art.

As The Crucible is a play, it is easy to incorporate the dramatic aspect of the arts by including lessons on the social purpose of a play and more practical elements, such as blocking and performing. Still, Osburg highlights a serious problem that can occur during such imaginative assignments, and one that teachers must keep in mind when instructing this lesson: But that not the most shocking part. Excellency asks John to sign the name on a document citing that Proctor has confessed.

As a result, he and accused people gets executed. Accused people chanted verses in the holy book of god until the death. From June through September of , total nineteen innocent people accused by Salem witchcraft. John Proctor and Abigail Williams argue about their relationship. Apollo Project for Mrs. Blog 31 August Prezi at Dreamforce The proof of concept Latest posts. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Delete comment or cancel.

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K. Melvin. ENGL 11Name: _____ The Crucible: Newspaper Project. Assignment. You are the staff of the local Salem newspaper in You have been very busy lately because the town faces a .

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Shortly after being taken out of jail, John Proctor was given short time to console with his wife, Goody Proctor. What they discussed is unknown but we do know that they were talking about John’s upcoming execution. Then out of nowhere, John confesses of harboring the devil in his Soul. But that.

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The Crucible Newspaper Project For this project, you and 3 classmates will be creating a full newspaper based both on the play and the historical periods in wh. The Crucible Newspaper Project For this project, you and 3 classmates will be creating a full newspaper based both on the play and the historical periods in which the play is set and was written.

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The Final project can be presented on poster board, butcher paper, in a bound magazine format or as a digital newspaper. You are encouraged to use publishing programs and various media to create a professional product. Directions: For the final project for The Crucible, you and your partner(s) are going to create a newspaper that is representative of the time period in which the story took place (Salem, Massachusetts in ). Your paper needs to incorporate several of the same types of areas that are indicative of today’s newspapers; thus, I recommend that you and your partner(s) pick up a newspaper as an.