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The Indian economy since has been undergoing constant and drastic economic reforms. These reforms have resulted in a shift from the inward-oriented policy of the past to an outward-looking one. The trend towards a liberal economic policy had funded its full expression in the early s with the Government of India announcing a series of packages of stabilisation and structural policy reforms. The current economic policy reforms seems to have been guided mainly by concerns regarding the globalisation of the Indian economy, in proving internal and external competitiveness, private sector participation and removal of inadequacies or constraints.

At present, the plans focus on growth targets per capita income of GDP, and the development strategy is to be indirectly planning to promote the private sector. The removal of quantitative restrictions on imports and a consistent decline in average and peak import tariffs. These reforms probably led to the higher growth performance in the post-reform era. The overall growth in the post-reform era was accelerated by a relatively higher growth in the service sector.

To some extent, during the first phase to the spurt in industrial activities and output could also be noticed. The growth rate of 6. This was achieved through competitiveness and efficiency gains. Recent statistics show that India's external trade has increased significantly during the post-reform period. To be precise, the share of India's export in world mercantile trade has increased from 0. Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you.

Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: List of 5 sample essays for xat paper Nirmala. Sample essays for xat 1. Global Warming Global Warming is a catch phrase for the increase in the globe's mean temperature due to build up of atmospheric greenhouse gases and the negative effects of rising temperature like melting glaciers, high levels of oceans or changing precipitation patterns.

Agricultural pests may prosper to cause widespread damage to crop at increased temperature. Several global initiatives have been taken to tackle the problem of global warming. Main objects of the UN were as follows: Present a complete picture of India's efforts for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council The UN needs to be restructured to present the geopolitical realities of the 21st century.

State the comprehensive structural reforms undertaken to improve the Indian economy since The Indian economy since has been undergoing constant and drastic economic reforms. Reforms undertaken to improve the Indian economy since is: Abolition of industrial and trade licensing. Removal of state monopolies, privatization and disinvestment.

Liberalisation of financial and capital market. Liberal regime for FDI, portfolio investment, foreign technology V. Import institution and export of primary goods, no import bias VI. Reduction and rationalisation of taxes and duties disperson VII. Sector-neutral monetary, fiscal and tariff policies VIII. Abolition of exchange control, full convertibility on current account.

Abolition of all administered prices essential on goods except for few strategic sectors. Decentralisation sound institutional framework, degree of civil service reforms. Rationalisation of structure, and concessions being phased out. The removal of quantitative restrictions being phased out XIII. The higher growth in India's exports over imports has led to a decline of India's trade deficit. Read about its impact on the businesses of people dealing in dairy products.

Once the App is installed and opened, it will ask the user to take photograph of the garbage and write the comment and just submit. Concept of New India: India is the third largest economy with a robust, fast growing market for goods and services.

New India is one concept that comprehensively caters to all the recent changes that have somersaulted the otherwise smooth growth of all the sectors of economy. Best Books to prepare for the Exam. There are several aspects which still remains untouched from the purview of GST such as whether gifts and perquisites provided free of charge by an employer to an employee can be subjected to GST.

Hopefully, the GST regime is able to revive the economic growth. GST regime that was planned to boost the pace of economic growth is at present roadblocks to various stakeholders. For a government that had promised to turn around the economy through decisive governance, this must serve as a wake-up call. For the XAT Essay, be prepared to answer how can growth be revived or what are the reasons for the current slowdown in the economy.

Bad bank and NPA Issue: At present, Rs 10 lakh crore worth of stressed assets, loan growth is stuttering at near six decades-low levels and lending rates are still stubbornly high. The current essay will check your knowledge base upon the pros and cons of setting up the bad bank for the Indian banking system. One Belt, One Road Summit: Demonitisation and its Impact on Indian Economy: While preparing for the purpose of XAT essay writing, focus on the fact that which sectors of Indian economy are the worst hit ones and which ones have outshined.

Also read about the pros and cons of this policy in both long and short run. Cashless India or an economy with lower cash transactions seems unreal considering the older picture of Indian payment system. But, the current scenario is deviating Indian economy towards a cashless future! In the wake of this issue, read and find out all the government schemes that motivates an individual to go for cashless transactions. Launch of Google Tez: Finally Google has also entered the Indian landscape of making digital payments with the launch of its mobile wallet app.

Flipkart and Snapdeal merger: The long standing deal between the two e-tailers is in the news for various reasons. The Japanese investor, SoftBank has had a critical role to play with its million investments in Snapdeal, marking its foothold in India. On the other hand, a completed merger between these two giants will give rise to one of the largest e-commerce start-ups in the country.

So do you think that in the era of consolidation, arch rivals Flipkart and Amazon can change the scenario of e-commerce industry of India. Indian Telecome Industry and Reliance Jio: With the advent of the revolution brought by Jio, do you think the internet will be accessible to every Indian?

Do you also think that Reliance Jio will force other telecom players to go for market consolidation to tap the customer base? The Blue Whale Game aims to push vulnerable youngsters into taking their own lives.

But how this game became popular over night? Did technology and individualism take its toll on the younger generation of India as well? The vicious viral game has spread online via social media accounts. Should parents become more vigilant towards the activities in which their kids are getting involved? Get ready to answer all these aspects if in case you get this topic in the XAT Essay. Kulbhushan Jadhav case on Jamaat-i-Islami: India took the matter to the ICJ, citing that it had been repeatedly denied consular access to Jadhav in violation of the provisions of the Vienna Convention.

When preparing for the XAT Essay, keep a complete check on the information as to what is Vienna Convention and will India be able to give sufficient arguments in facour of Jadhav to save him?

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For instance, XAT essay would test you out on these parameters including the knowledge about the topic, so, the interviewers would know some of your personality traits and can easily spot if you are lying to them or trying to depict what you are not.

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The list of XAT essay topics for consists of XAT essay topics which appeared in past Essay writing tests in XAT. XAT Essay topics are mostly based on abstract ideas as appeared in past. The Essay Writing Test in XAT may be replaced b y Writing Ability Teast (WAT) in the final selection round by XLRI. The XAT essay writing is online this the most part, you’ll have professors who present most of the important material from the text during class, and include most of what’s on the test in their powerpoint slides.

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Essay writing is an important part of the XAT Exam especially because it is conducted along with the main exam. The XAT exam is scheduled to take place on 7th . XAT essay writing is unique as it is a part of the first stage of the admission process, unlike WATs of IIMs and IIFT Essay, which form a component of the GD/ PI stage. .