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Why is cyber security so important

❶Pakistani hackers can be given as an example who are the most skilled and qualified hackers in the world.

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Information security risks can affect people individuals, organizations, families, and government institutions. Companies face risks of cyber security, especially when attackers target employee and customer information. Many security layers ensure that computer systems are protected even if one security measure fails. Ensure that computers and devices that access the Internet are adequately protected Make IT Secure, What Is Network Security? What is Information Security? Protect your identity, your personal information, and your identity.

Boston College Type of paper: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Why is cyber security so important Numerous incidences of cyber security have attracted notable attention globally. Most InfoSec firms create clean and minimal workstations for InfoSec analysts to concentrate on their job Putting workers closer to each other is also recommended to earnest the synergy of team work Staff normally work for long hours and take short breaks.

Types of attackers and methods Risks facing Internal and External Data Companies face risks of cyber security, especially when attackers target employee and customer information. Data breaches might also affect personal information, which might be highly disruptive. Malware data and identity theft among other threats also affect consumers Cisco, Network Security Relevance Network security facilitates in safeguarding computer systems from threats.

Computer security essay How Network Security Works Networks security prevents attackers from gaining access to computer networks. It avails wealth of information The web allows users to meet, communicate, and share easily Exercising caution is vital when surfing the internet Ensure that computers and devices that access the Internet are adequately protected Make IT Secure, Introduce models of reporting and monitoring groups Cisco, Firstly, it is important to know why people commit cyber crime and what they have in their minds, as it is not possible to resolve a problem without knowing its real cause.

Younger people are more motivated to learn and try new ideas, which make them bolder. As they also have less life experience they are more prone to cyber crime.

Another group consists of organized hackers who are the most dangerous ones. They are organized and ordered properly to make a move. According to the analysis conducted by the institute for security technology studies at Dartmouth college, the reason is generally political and these hackers may deface electronic information sites all over the world to spread disinformation and propaganda.

Pakistani hackers can be given as an example who are the most skilled and qualified hackers in the world. Their main target is the Indian government sites but also NASA and Microsoft sites are also being attacked by them often. The third group is made up of professional hackers, who are only after money.

They crack or steal information for their customers. Generally competitor companies hire them to get information about their rivals. The final group consists of discontented employees, which includes people who have been fired from their job and want to take revenge from their employers. As a result it can be stated that the authorities should approach cyber crime from various angles as each criminal group has different motives.

The victim of crime is another aspect that has critical importance as the impacts of cyber crime and the damage it creates depends on the target subject. This shows that only developing countries give importance to the matter, which makes the problem more serious.

The classification of subjects of cyber crime is as follows: At the individual level cyber crime can be against a person or personal property. As operating systems are not secure enough to provide protection against cyber attacks people have to pay for anti-virus programs. Organization wide trainings can be a solution for companies or institutions as people tend to be more precautious when they know about the potential threats and fear from losing their jobs.

Some government organizations and private companies in developed countries use training as a tool to stop cyber crime. The most signification damage is given to the society at large as more people are affected by the results of cyber crime.

Pornography is one significant example, which may take several forms including child harassment. Uncontrolled websites with harmful material have negative impact on young people and especially adolescents who are easily brainwashed. This affects moral values of the society, increases the rate of conventional crime and creates an insecure environment for people. Trafficking is another example of cyber crime where masses can feel the damage. Materials that cannot be explicitly sold by other means are traded on the Internet, which can include illegal items.

Financial crimes, forgery and online gambling are other examples of cyber crime that have impacts both on individuals and the general public. Authorities should carefully examine these different groups, which are open to cyber crime and take measures specifically to protect them. Considering all the negative impacts it is becoming necessary to enforce legal sanctions on people or organizations that commit cyber crime.

The most important step is to adopt legislations that define cyber crime, regulate and control the activities in cyber world in an effective way. Although certain governments do not view the problem seriously, developed countries like the U. The Information Technology Act deals with various types of cyber crimes like unauthorized downloading, virus attacks, disruption, denial of access, interference with the service availed by a person, hacking and tampering with computer source documents.

First of all, the ITA does not serve the desired purpose and only deals with e-commerce. Additionally it does not deal with issues like cyber harassment, cyber nuisance etc which can have harmful effects.

Another weakness of the ITA is that it is not comprehensive or exhaustive at the same time the definitions are not clear enough. There should be a uniform law in the world against cyber crime it is a worldwide issue. Along with other issues, universal jurisdiction is also a very important aspect of the problem as cyber crime is a universal concept. Although some countries do not view the problem as a global one, provisions enforced in other countries should be accepted.

As mentioned before, the International Technology Act focuses on e-commerce and does not deal with other types of cyber crimes.

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