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❶A Political System has three related dimensions - ideology, source of authority and power, and ways of governance.

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We must follow history to understanding political thought, so it is in historical context. Apolitical philosopher's political philosophy emerges in the age of.

As the term suggests, good governance means governing the people in a way that the interests of the people of all sections are preserved rightfully. A good and generous government is one where all the individuals, in today's world say almost all the individual's rights are protected and they feel that they are not discriminated from one another on the grounds of cast, creed, sex, race and relig. The political theories of liberalism have received mounting challenges.

While, earlier it was believed that it faces fierce opposition only from the Marxists, today there have arisen new schools of thought questioning liberalism on a number of points. Marxist accuses liberals of providing ideological apparatus to the capitalist mode of production, hiding inequalities and explo. Its origin is connected with the clear and calm rationalism of Greek mind".

They were the first to challenge supremacy of religion and curious to know everything. Plato, the disciple of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle is one of the greatest political thinkers produced by ancient Greece. He adopted the method o. From time immemorial, politics and business have been inextricably linked. In case of international business it is truer than domestic business. In theory, it is possible to draw line between business and politics, but in practice, it has little meaning.

Exploring the role of political activities and forces in shaping economic behavior is known as political economy. The basic purpose of busines. A Political System has three related dimensions - ideology, source of authority and power, and ways of governance. Ideology concerns the beliefs which permeate the whole society.

Ideology is concerned with whose welfare is more important - of the Wordsidual or the society. There are two ends of ideology - individualism, and collectivism.

Individualism believes in the philosophy that an individu. Both the 'state' and the 'nation' are the terms frequently used in international politics. Both involved different meanings from past usage in the course of the period from the end of 18th century to the outbreak of the First World War. During the twentieth century, the two terms were regarded as synonymous, or at least both incorporated in the composite term 'nation-state.

There is an intimate relationship between politics and economics. Though Politics is of great importance in governance, it has been observed that economic issues function autonomously and contradict political doctrine. International trade laws reveal how some of the countries circumvent political restrictions to benefit their economic and monetary goals.

Normally no country imposes tax on expor. The concept of political culture owes its genesis to the post second world war phase where political scientists attempted to develop a number of new approaches to detach political science from tentacles of traditional approaches. It seeks to study politics by integrating outputs from psychology and sociology.

Political culture refers to beliefs, attitudes and orientations that people have towar. Democracy is more stable in civic culture. Almond and Powell points out that the civic culture sometimes contains apparently contradictory political attitudes and that this is appropriate for democratic political systems, in that they too are structures of political contradictions.

The civic culture of capitalist societies is crisis prone. In civic culture, many individuals are active in politi. The methods adopted by moderates to push their demands did not satisfy everyone in the Congress because the process was long and the progress was very slow. Some of the nationalists starting losing faith in the efficacy of Congress program. They ridiculed the idea of going before the government with begging bowl, which fetched nothing.

They believed that only action would enable them to get som. In the economic sphere, government of India has to direct its policy to secure a better distribution of ownership and control of the material resources of the community.

The government has also to ensure growth of industries preventing concentration of economic wealth. The government's objective is also to prevent exploitation of labour, ensuring social justice. So government of India had to en. To understand Democracy and the Democratic System we could check up on the great epic 'Ramayan'.

King Rama had to bow before majority opinion and banish his Queen Sita. This despite being aware of her purity and innocence. But that is how democracy functions. Democracy has been aptly termed as a form of governance 'by the people' for the people and of the people by the renowned diplomat and Ame.

Many of us have some aspirations and wishes for our country that we desire to fulfill and some changes to bring about, but we feel that we have little say in getting those things done. This is because of our limited power as citizens of the country. Each of us has our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the country which we ought to remember and abide by. But privileges and power to brin.

Although the exact point of use of the term public opinion is not yet known but the word has gained ascendency with growing popularity of Democracy. In broad terms, it refers to organized and considered opinion of a section or many sections of the people, on any issue or problem of public concern. It may or may not be the opinion of all the people or the majority. According to Arthur Bentley. Traditional linkages and primordial loyalties remain a constitutive factor in pressure group politics in India.

Most of them are linked to some or the other party and called 'parties behind the parties. Their importance has grown with mounting pressure on the political system and fragmentation of dominant party system. However, their role has not been praiseworthy. They have often created ch. Among the major divisive forces affecting the polity, caste remains the formidable one. It refers to an inscriptive system of status and hierarchy.

Its chief characteristics are hierarchy, commensality, restrictions on marriage and hereditary occupation. Its dominance is observed by M. Srinivas "Caste is so tacitly and so completely accepted by all, including those most vocal in condemning it.

I am a politically disenfranchised Millennial. I want to believe that my vote matters. I want to believe that politicians are dedicated to public service and intellectualism, and the media is more than another self-interested business pushing its own agenda. However, I do not believe these things.

So what is the answer? Am I forced to accept this "reality" or is there some way to make a diff. After becoming an independent state, the first most essential task accomplished by the people of India was the formulation, enactment, adoption and inauguration of the Constitution of India which declared India to be a Sovereign Democratic Republic. The acceleration would be completed one time costs, including the ceo, and chairman of the semi major axis.

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