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Cultural Anthropology/Anthropological Methods

Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology (Winter 2019)

❶The second database, eHRAF Archaeology , covers major archaeological traditions and many more sub-traditions and sites around the world.

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Examples of Course Projects
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Anthropology vs Sociology Research Methods

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This is a major textbook in research methods for cultural anthropologists by a world-renowned scholar. The text reflects the significant changes that have taken place in the study of anthropology over the last decade, and includes many examples from real field projects.

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Methodologies and techniques of research, especially field study, in sociocultural anthropology.

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Ethnography is a core modern research method used in Anthropology as well as in other modern social sciences. Ethnography is the case study of one culture, subculture, or micro-culture made a the researcher immersing themself in said culture. Before ethnography, immersive research, the prevailing method was unilineal. Two research methods utilized in Cultural Anthropology are Participant Observation and Interviews or Questionnaires. Unlike other forms of research, in participant observation, the researcher can interact with the participants.

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This course examines anthropological fieldwork techniques, including interviewing and participant observation, as well as qualitative approaches to the analysis of cultural data. Topics include cross-cultural field techniques, research design, ethical dilemmas, and the difference between academic and applied research. Research projects are an integral part of this course. Methods in Cultural Anthropology. STUDY. PLAY. Fieldwork. Research carried out by cultural anthropologists among living peoples in other societies and among subcultures of our own society. Ethnography. Both a strategy of anthropological and its products, such as written account reflecting the views of the people and those of the.